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    Battery Regeneration,

    without any doubts a profitable decision

    Benefits for businesses


    Applying Esenergia's technology is, certainly, a profitable decision, because:

    • Extends your equipment investments, as it prolongs the useful life of devices and avoids having to replace them
    • Reduces energy consumption, and, thus, also costs, besides contributing to planet sustainability.
    • Reduces maintenance costs..
    • Increases business productivity, since maintenance and regeneration eliminate the costs of production stoppages.

    ... benefits for the planet


    Esenergia develops policies of social and ecological responsibility, and takes charge of all the processes needed to manage waste disposal in an environmentally responsible way, as well as dealing administrative procedures.

    Working in a sustainable way is part of our nature.

    We can reach almost any economic
    and production field


    BATTERY REGENERATION can be applied in many different types of installations, firms and vehicles.

    Esenergia can reach almost any economic and production field, and generate a new market in any place where we develop our work experience.

    The technology that Esenergia uses is clean and requires no type of additive as it is based on pulses that regain functionality from the Pb-acid panels.

    Esenergia sells equipment and technology for battery monitoring and regeneration; it provides in-company training to its clients, and it offers online support for equipment maintenance.

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