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    A new reference for a global network.

    Esenergia, the responsibility of a large business group, the MONDRAGON CORPORATION.

    innovation and integration


    Our firm is the result of more than 50 years of joint experience, and is present in more than 70 countries around the World: we have 125 production plants and 9 branches.

    To our previous experience in construction, manufacture of equipment, technology, logistics, finance… we have added a new field, to consolidate the future of our corporation. A group of 74,000 people with a common mission:  working in benefit of all of us.

    With technology innovation and integration as a starting point, we have added experience and potential, and opened a new line of development based on planet care.


    Esenergia focuses in a new line of work that will give sustainable economic benefits: BATTERY REGENERATION.



    Esenergia contributes to the energetic sustainability of the planet. To that purpose, we have developed a technology that can extend the useful life of one of the most polluting energy sources of our planet industrial batteries.


    Far from only reusing or recycling batteries, Esenergia goes further into the future, a future that saves resources and money and prolongs the life of its equipment: Esenergia regenerates batteries.

    Green in every sense
    of the word


    Lead is one of the main metals used in the manufacture of batteries. However, it is also one the most polluting metals.

    Our BATTERY REGENERATION process saves resources for the planet, since it give the possibility to reuse batteries that have run down. It prevents pollution growth, avoiding dumping obsolete polluting materials. And it also saves money, because, by reviving old batteries, we avoid having to buy new ones.

    In order to achieve that, the R&D team of our investigation centres has PATENTED an exclusive procedure by means of polyvalent regeneration equipments, through technological innovation and integration.

    Esenergia is the ONLY COMPANY that regenerates nickel-cadmiun  batteries, no other company in the sector provides this service.