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    Patented and Exclusive technology

    How do we
    revive your batteries?


    Our procedure is based on PULSE TECHNOLOGY. This process warrants your equipment will double and sometimes even triple its useful life.

    The secret is applying the process to the core of the battery, thus generating a series of reactions that renew the equipment, making it recover almost the same capacity it had when it was new. It is an exclusive and warranted process, and it avoids throwing away highly polluting materials and using very valuable and limited resources.


    Sulphuric acid reacts to lead.


    Formations of lead sulphate crystallise and become inert.


    Our pulse treatment emits 10,000 pulsations per second into the battery, which separates crystalline formations of lead sulphate.


    The sulphate then forms active sulphuric acid, and leads is free to run again.

    How does our technology work?

    Energy accumulators start to sulphatate, since the very moment of their manufacture, and the process speeds up with every load.

    Sulphates become glass formations, and cover battery cells, thus reducing the capacity of the battery and even making it useless.

    The technology of Esenergia separates those glass formations from lead, and make the battery recover almost all of its previous capacity.